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The Engineering Collective

This GitBook has been created by the community, and contains a breadth of learning materials, spanning multiple engineering disciplines.

Mission Statement

The idea behind this book is to gather a wide range of learning materials and experience together to form 'Quests', the idea of which comes from a learning 'journey'.

This book is open source. It should be driven through the community. As a collective of engineers with a huge variety of skills and experience, we can use those skills and experience to help up-skill the engineers of the future. I feel we have a responsibility as engineers to share our knowledge as much as possible and to help pave the way for future generations.

A Collective Need

Starting out on a journey to learn something new can be both daunting and challenging.

Where do you begin? How do you recognize the good materials from the bad? How do you know you're on the right path?

These are all questions we've asked ourselves along the way when trying to learn or understand something new. We often find ourselves using our favourite search engine to begin the learning journey, but what if we didn't have to go in blindly, and could have reference to a host of learning materials, experience and best practices in one central place.

That is precisely how this collective was born. As engineers, we are always looking for consistent approaches when building things, and we always strive to follow best practice when doing so.

We don't reinvent the wheel when building software, so why do it when forging a learning path?

This book is here to serve as a single, curated collection of tried and tested learning materials. The hope is that when you want to start a new learning journey, rather than visiting your favourite search engine and blindly following links to various materials, you reference this book instead, and tap into a wide variety of industry knowledge from engineers who've paved the way before you.